I just finished reading Chimamada’s novel “Americanah”. This…this is another keeper. I could see bits and pieces of me in the character;Ifem. ….and so many of her character traits that I long for. How she could be so candid,fearless,protective,straight to the point and indifferent to a lot of things ,many people would fall head over heels for,how ‘strong’ she is. Her thirst for knowledge and open-mindedness.How curious she was about everything around her.

How love broke her…..made her vulnerable.It’s amazing how love does that… it makes you,human.She could only run for so long….

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is such a great novelist.The level of connection I had with this book,was..indestructible.She does such an amazing job at merging various aspects of life,in this novel…from race, to family,to faith..to love..in a way that is sensitively balanced.I particularly love how she touched on the issue of race,and with that your mind is expanded.Especially with regards to African Americans and non-American Blacks, how some non-American blacks are desperate to lose their identity..in order to ‘fit in’, and also how the issue of racism continues to be a “white elephant”.

Americanah” is one of those books the makes you sigh deeply…lol…Because you’re able to ‘feel’ what the characters are portraying and feeling.This is one of those books that will resonate with me for a very very very long time.Definitely a keeper.